• Li

    17 May '17

    A bit of good life advice for ya

  • Torg

    17 May '17

    Best to just not have any baskets. It's just asking for trouble.

  • Xeno!

    17 May '17

    Make certain that any baskets used to contain your chickens are not attached to hot air balloons.

  • Tim V.

    18 May '17

    @Xeno! - I would further add that one should make sure that any baskets used should contain airholes for the sake of the chickens.

  • Patrick

    18 May '17

    It sounds like Li might be speaking from experience on this one. Poor Li!

  • Robert L.

    18 May '17

    Love the alt text!

  • Phun

    19 May '17

    I like chicken, alive tho

  • Tjacu

    20 May '17

    I prefer to keep my baskets in my eggs, sure I might not have big baskets but I have them all in one egg..... now if I only knew where that egg is....

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