• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Yay time-breaking muffin! On nom nom nom.

  • Wally

    09 Feb '10

    Hahahaha. Li, that's awesome! ....nom nom

  • Russ

    10 Mar '10

    This one makes me happy!

  • Mike

    25 Mar '10

    I love what Shoelace is doing

  • Damage

    07 Apr '10

    But is that Li's knitting or Jordan's he's playing with?

  • lt_amazil

    14 Apr '10

    hurray for time-splitting muffin

  • leah

    07 May '10

    i would totally break time and physics to get a muffin.

  • Amir

    23 May '10

    Time go get scientific on you guys If she took the muffin before the conversation started or before he bit into it the conversation never would have happened and she wouldn't have asked for one because she already had it but if she already had it prior she wouldnt have had the craving for one because she never saw him with it because he never had it which means she never had it which ultimately makes the muffin non existent because no one ever had it which would maybe make the universe collapse upon itself an less time than we could possibly comprehend

  • Jakjer

    23 May '10

    Noooo, Li!!! You broke the 4th wall!!!!!

  • Allie

    23 May '10

    i love shoelace! ^-^

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    My wife does THAT too...all the time...I don't know how women are able to do that, but sometimes it is just annoying... Also, @Amir: Unless it was an alternate reality, which is an ongoing theory, then she would be a reality running THIEF!

  • Jesseh

    20 Aug '10

    Time AND the Fourth Wall... Tsk... :)

  • zippomage

    11 Sep '10

    Very clever, I love the thinking behind this, these are some of my favorite kinds of comic jokes.

  • L

    30 Nov '10

    MUFFINS ARE WORTH IT. I wish I could reach through my roof and get a muffin... :(

  • Jae

    02 Jan '11

    xD I found this comic on Stumble and I'm in LOVE WITH IT! I also love how Shoelace is caught in the yarn >w<

  • Evilestine

    07 Jan '11

    Haha my friend told me nom nom stands for eatin sound n he say it a very popular word~ I guess now I think I know where he heard it from~ lol nom nom nom~

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    13 Jan '11

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  • Vedran

    16 Apr '11

    I could tottaly "hear" Shoelace going like "meow?"

  • Laura

    06 May '11

    This is my favorite of all your comics. "now there are TWO muffins" for some reason makes me laugh every time I read it... even if I read it like six times in a row.

  • Jessica

    20 Jun '11

    Doctor Who would not approve.

  • Benjamin

    10 Aug '11

    thanks amir. way to be a buzzkill. -_-*

  • Sharkinu

    19 Aug '11

    Shoelace is studying string theory

  • Matt

    19 Aug '11

    I love when people do this and go out of the panels in the comic. Clever and cute! Next, time-breaking cookies!

  • Ryan

    22 Aug '11

    I believe the term for that is "Omnomaly"

  • Jelly-being

    04 Sep '11

    Pssh, muffins make the world go 'round! I would do almost anything for a muffin!

  • ken

    11 Sep '11

    awesome comix I wish i had found them sooner. Gotta love the muffin paradox

  • BVKM

    22 Nov '11

    This was Awesome!

  • mik

    07 Feb '12

    this is awesome ;]

  • Toshi

    24 May '12

    Now you're thinking with panels.

  • Stardustsweeper

    26 Jan '13

    Wait...Time breaking muffins?...and bubbles in the banner overhead....have you come across "Doctor Whooves and Assistant"? Because I think you inspired them and other fandom related to it....

  • Gwenii

    10 May '13

    This reminds me of the anime "The Girl who leapt through time" and her pudding.

  • Sonea

    18 Jan '16

    Your Comics are great, although they keep me from learning, hope you know what you did!

  • ZF_Precious

    09 May '18

    Does that mean there is 4 Li's in this comic too?

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