• Li

    03 May '17

    Good news everyone! There are new greeting cards available in the store! :D

  • Kevin Robert McPike von Copenhaver

    04 May '17

    :: steps right :: dries off. :: steps left :: plays in rain. I want my own personal rain cloud :(

  • Phun

    04 May '17

    Moustache + Shoelace = Mouslace, the anchorcat

  • Chris

    04 May '17

    Wow. She's good. I hope this weatherperson gets picked up by a major network

  • Whalesharker

    04 May '17

    Poor bun D:

  • Mitsy!

    04 May '17

    Smol bun is having a hareble day. Feel well soon bun.

  • Kilby

    06 May '17

    The problem with the oddball spellings(*) is that I'm never sure whether it's supposed to be "kiddy cute", or "cool internet lingo", or whether it just might be New Zealand dialect. (* In this strip, the "A" instead of "I" in panel 2, and the missing "L" in panel 3.)

  • Dr Language

    11 May '17

    @Kilby - there's no missing "L" in panel three. Plus... there's a cat who hovers and has magic stick-on eyebrows, rabbit chefs, hedgehogs in happy meals, but "sprankle" gives you pause?!

  • Li

    11 May '17

    @Kilby was right! There was a typo but I've since fixed it :)

  • Coatboy

    13 May '17

    I want to know more about this giant fish.

  • Daphne

    25 May '17

    That's how I feel every time I wash my car!

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