• Li
    12 Apr '17

    I’m super tired this week because I was at Chromacon all weekend! Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by my table. You were all so lovely and I couldnt stop smiling the whole time :)

  • Kilby
    12 Apr '17

    I'm not sure whether the result of merging the lines would be a really cool 3D figure, or Harold standing right around the corner.

  • Franck
    12 Apr '17

    What kind of PoKeMoN is this ?!

  • Fweaks
    13 Apr '17

    Saw you there at Chromacon! Your A2 poster is joining my wall of "Art I think looks cool."

  • Rob T.
    Rob T.
    13 Apr '17

    I always like cartoons that are open to interpretation. For a while I thought the red line was "her" and the blue line was the "police" that were taking "her" away - it didn't occur to me immediately that Li was the one being taken away by the (offscreen) police. (Now I'm imagining the "police" as floating Shoelace wearing a cop hat and a stern expression.) Keep up the good work!