• Li

    05 Apr '17

    I'm going to be at Chromacon this weekend so if you're in Auckland, come and say hi! :D

  • Franck

    05 Apr '17

    Careful Li, the ants in your monitors are not taken under warranty.

  • Karry

    06 Apr '17

    Agreed, I have three in my room not even including laptops ^^

  • Jack Chain

    06 Apr '17

    That monitor setup is... interesting.

  • Xeno!

    06 Apr '17

    Do I really have too many ants if I've trained them to steal monitors?

  • Patrick

    06 Apr '17

    That's my desk, but more organized... Three monitors, my Switch, my phone, and occasionally my Chromebook.... it's a veritable wall of light

  • Lisa

    06 Apr '17

    I think your hardware may be...buggy *ba dum tss*

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