• Keith

    30 Mar '17

    I need me some of these samples.

  • Asste

    30 Mar '17

    Why is your cat often hovering above the ground?

  • Cornelia

    30 Mar '17

    I´d just take the big one right away! No need for samples

  • Kilby

    01 Apr '17

    @ Asste - Shoelace often floats around. Back at #460, I jokingly referred to him as a "dirigicat", but that's not accurate, he's more like a blimp than a dirigible.

  • Coatboy

    01 Apr '17

    I always feel bad about just taking samples, or going somewhere just for a sale. Doesn't stop me from doing it though!

  • Torg

    05 Apr '17

    Car dealerships should all do this.

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