• Li
    1 Mar '17

    Yay it’s one panel week! I spent a long time on this one, hope you like it :D

    In other news, I joined Gregor from Loading Artist on his gaming stream last week so have a look if you want to see me being scared for nearly three hours as we played Resident Evil

  • Kilby
    1 Mar '17

    Nice lighting effects. At first I thought the rocks were mushrooms, because they almost looked as if they were floating.

    P.S. Speaking of floating: the advantage of being a dirigicat is that Shoelace doesn't need to get his paws all muddy.

  • Forth
    1 Mar '17

    Oh wow! I love your stuff, but this is just gorgeous!

    2 Mar '17

    sumptuous! Do you work digitally, or is that paint?

  • Franck
    2 Mar '17

    Nice drawing, but I must admit I was more interested in the stream, so I finally put a face on your name, and... oups, it's gone, I've got your drawn face taking over again. Hopefully if I ever come across you somewhere, there will be a white floating cat next to you !

  • Ari
    2 Mar '17


  • Toast
    5 Mar '17

    I figured you'd been playing Firewatch...

  • Allen
    27 Apr '17

    You're in Gravity Falls!