• Li

    08 Feb '17

    Don't worry everyone, Li will tag Jordan It while he's sleeping. Shh

  • FadhilKwan

    09 Feb '17

    not sure if i'm right, but i believe that you tagged him first ._. dunno which comic page though...

  • Alex

    09 Feb '17

    @FadhilKwan I'd like to know which comic. :)

  • FadhilKwan

    09 Feb '17

    @Alex i tried, but i can't remember the page... ;_; I also checked the archive and i couldn't find it in there... the only thing i remember is the scenario

  • Kim

    09 Feb '17

    @FadhiKwan It may have been #207 (from 2011).

  • FadhilKwan

    09 Feb '17

    @Kim : no, probably not that one. Again, i might be wrong (even though i'm kinda remeber a little bit of it.....). Also, i wonder if Li has tagged Jordan by now

  • Xeno!

    09 Feb '17

    Sometimes it's just your turn to be it.

  • Franck

    10 Feb '17

    I just watched the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and their might be some issues in being IT, Li.

  • Epicness

    12 Feb '17

    *replies to Li's author comment* Well, I guess you'll have to refrain from touching Jordan in ANY way for the rest of your life? Not even... HUGZ??!

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