• Li
    1 Feb '17

    Guys I made it to the top of r/wholesomememes a few days ago!! I love that sub so much :D

    Just a reminder that if you like my work, you can support me on Patreon. Apart from comics and art, I also post behind the scenes stuff as well as other things I’m working on for patrons to see.

    Have a good week everyone!

  • Karry
    1 Feb '17

    I'll support ya as soon as I get a job >.<

  • Franck
    2 Feb '17

    I'm sorry Li, but I have to say I think you brought this to yourself by having a cat known for his flying abilities in leash. So when did you get back down ? Are you still up there ? Will you be able to make other comics in the future ?! Hope you're OK !

  • Jane
    2 Feb '17

    I saw you on r/wholesomememes and subsequently read through your entire archive! And ate a muffin! I guess I should get over to Patreon soon!

  • Chris
    2 Feb '17

    My story is the same as Jane's - saw the comic on r/wholesomememes, came here, devoured the archive. No muffins, though.

    Send a postcard from wherever you land, Li!

  • It's ya Boi-
    It's ya Boi-
    3 Feb '17

    And she was never seen again