• Li
    18 Jan '17

    Jordan and I have been a bit addicted to Enter the Gungeon recently so I made some fan art! It’s such a hard game

  • Tim V.
    Tim V.
    18 Jan '17

    On the other side: Best used before the Fourth Age

  • Invisibules
    19 Jan '17

    Please dispose of responsibly.

  • Sydney
    19 Jan '17

    On the other side:
    [NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Serving size—1, Calories—10, Total fat—0 g, Sodium—0 g, Protein—0 g, Sugar—5 g. (Not Packaged For Individual Sale)]

  • Cathy
    19 Jan '17

    After a good week I finally caught up to all the comics from the beginning.

  • Moon Goat
    Moon Goat
    20 Jan '17

    Wait, wasn't the term B.C. only used after 0 A.D.? People who lived before the common era couldn't have used the term Before Common Era unless they knew there was gonna be a common era!

  • aakku
    20 Jan '17

    @Moon Goat Well it's *magic* ring so who knows what it knows :) And what it's previous owner knew.

  • Kilby
    20 Jan '17

    I was hoping for an amusing secret message in the heiroglyphics on the pedestal.

  • Nicole
    26 Jan '17

    At least it is still a shiny ring...