• Li
    14 Dec '16

    It’s one panel week! I love drawing night scenes, they’re so cosy. Have a good week everyone :D

  • Invisibules
    15 Dec '16


  • Kristin
    15 Dec '16

    Gorgeous <3

  • Asaldar
    15 Dec '16

    Very nice ! Great wallpaper material by the way.

  • Ari Morse
    Ari Morse
    15 Dec '16

    While I enjoy your comics a lot, I don't generally comment but this time I have to because THIS COMIC IS TOO DAMN PERFECT AND CUTE AND WONDERFUL AND FILLED WITH HAPPINESS AND NOW I'M GOING TO DIE!!!
    It is so simple and sweet and comforting. Everyone's all snuggled in and it's simply amazing. On top of that, the details and coloring are breathtaking! Everything works together so seamlessly and the effect it creates is incredible.

    This is one of the best and most beautiful comics I've seen online by you or anyone else and I hope you're rightfully proud of it.

  • kerry
    15 Dec '16

    Awwwww >w<

  • paul
    15 Dec '16

    Reminds me of a studio ghibli film!

  • Franck
    15 Dec '16

    This one panel is pretty good ! Now I need to find out where to place it in my flat... My room is full of your drawing already ^^'... :D

  • Brandon
    15 Dec '16

    <3 I wish you'd stick full-res copies somewhere! I dream of a folder full of exocomics wallpapers.

  • Epicness
    16 Dec '16

    I love the glowing oranges! Supah coo, and supah cute, too!! :D

  • Hindbodes
    20 Dec '16

    This kind of cuddly scenario is basically what having a cage full of female mice looks like.

  • fillyjonk
    30 Jan '17

    this is going to now be the image I imagine when I am sad and stressed and need something to make me calm and happy before I try to go to sleep at night. That's just such a lovely image.