• Li

    30 Nov '16

    oh no D:

  • Tanja

    30 Nov '16

    Darling it's better, down where its wetter, take it from me ^^


    01 Dec '16

    I have so many questions about that whale's neck pillow.

  • Karry

    01 Dec '16

    dawwww owo

  • Tejkam

    01 Dec '16

    Very unique n well done...such cute characters n suggestive style..

  • Chris

    01 Dec '16

    Those poor whales. They still use those cheap tourist cameras

  • Franck

    01 Dec '16

    Page one : Go on the beach. Realise this is not a place for whales. Wait for help to go back into the sea, never go back again. Don't forget your camera, or you will never be able to prove you went to the beach.

  • Xeno!

    03 Dec '16

    "Dear Whale Diary, My trip to dry land didn't quite go as planned. It seems that the landfishes don't take kindly to visitors in their dry sandy hot land. It's fine, to be honest. There didn't seem to be anywhere to swim up there anyway! ~Whalehimena<3<3"

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