• Li

    23 Nov '16

    Christmas is only a few weeks away so if you want to get something from the store, do it soon! Also, it's good to see that Li's keeping busy.


    23 Nov '16

    I see that TCD on your breast pocket, Li! You thought you were so sneaky...

  • Xeno!

    24 Nov '16

    Hey, it's a something something but someone's gotta something.

  • Jack Chain

    25 Nov '16

    so you just leave a ramp, some open fires, and a bunny lying around and you expect people not to bust mad moves over that shit? this one's on you, not the skate-cat.

  • Franck

    25 Nov '16

    "Don't" XD

  • Karry

    25 Nov '16


  • Julian

    26 Nov '16

    Those are some serious cat skills.

  • CannedBeef

    01 Dec '16

    Easily one of my favorites! (I'm a sucker for comics that reference prior work/circle back to it)

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