• Li

    16 Nov '16

    Thank you for all your thoughtful messages this week after the earthquake, it was really touching and sweet. Don't worry everyone, we're all safe :D

  • Kilby

    16 Nov '16

    Do italics work here?

  • Kilby

    16 Nov '16

    The "Little Mermaid" traded her voice for feet, but it seems clear that the "Li Mermaid" is not going to give up her WLAN for anything. ;-)

  • Edward

    17 Nov '16

    Angry Crab error message needs to become standard on all technology.

  • Kiki

    17 Nov '16

    Dis me

  • Maus

    18 Nov '16

    Hehe. It's a Shellphone. ^_^

  • Xeno!

    19 Nov '16

    You try to get out of the ocean for once in your life and it's RAINING!

  • Epicness

    20 Nov '16

    The life of an aquatic life-form is tough... Lucky humans.

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