• Li

    09 Nov '16

    Never accept fruit from strangers. Unless it's really good fruit. Like watermelon or feijoas. Hmm I bet a lot of you guys won't know what feijoas are though but if a stranger ever offers you some, say yes!

  • James

    09 Nov '16

    Ahh! Spooky snek!

  • Miles

    09 Nov '16

    Amusing and nice as always. I think I want to immigrate to New Zealand from the US... though I've felt that way for about six months now. Think they'll have me? I pass the medical, English, and character requirements! Anyway, thank you for the comic again, Li!

  • Grace

    10 Nov '16

    Feijoas are by far the best thing in the world. I'm in Australia and no-one here knows what they are!

  • Ren

    10 Nov '16

    Snek! <3

  • Chris

    10 Nov '16

    Feijoas are the best, they taste like mothballs, but in a good way.

  • Jack Chain

    10 Nov '16

    fnek fould be talking like he'f fticking hif tongue out of hif mouff

  • karol

    10 Nov '16

    Cuando yo era niño, acá en mi pueblo llamado Sibundoy, Putumayo, Colombia, teníamos en mi casa tres árboles de feijoas. Son muy ricas :D ...

  • Tim V.

    10 Nov '16

    And that's how Li was kicked out of the Garden of Eden!

  • e

    10 Nov '16

    Why did you lost the shine in your eyes?

  • shironeko

    10 Nov '16

    ^ omg O.O

  • Epicness

    14 Nov '16

    Delitious appels

  • CannedBeef

    29 Nov '16

    That apple looks really good my mouth is watering 0Q0

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