• Li

    02 Nov '16

    It's November! If you wanted to buy something from the store for Christmas, now's the time to do it! :D

  • Kilby

    02 Nov '16

    It's easier to win if you pick the right opponent.

  • Joey

    03 Nov '16

    No, Li, not the trash. If something is moving in there, you need to run away and call the authorities. You can't win a fight against a, sentient, moldy cucumber. Trust me on this.

  • Mr Fox

    03 Nov '16

    I saw one on sale at the local. If you run you might get one before everyone else takes em!

  • Karry

    04 Nov '16

    Just go to East Cleveland wearing a Trump shirt. You will find a fight real quickly.

  • Franck

    05 Nov '16

    Eeeeh, did you at least found some money while looking for the fight ?!

  • Hindbodes

    06 Nov '16

    Oh man I love the Colin Thompson mouseholes...

  • Epicness

    07 Nov '16

    You can battle me ANY time, bro! I have nothing else going on, anyways. :)

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