• Li
    26 Oct '16

    I get scared really easily so I’m glad that halloween isn’t a big thing here in New Zealand. Once I even got a fright from a bit of broccoli that I thought was a caterpillar. Previous to that incident, I got a fright from the exact opposite situation; I thought I dropped a bit of broccoli but when I touched it, it started wiggling around and gave me a huge fright. The point is, you have to look at broccoli really carefully.

  • Aaron
    27 Oct '16

    Broccostein was on your floor apparently.

  • Jen
    27 Oct '16

    I think the moral of your story is simply avoid broccoli. Shoelace is an adorable pumpkin

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox
    27 Oct '16

    Crocodile came up, bit my guts out, and my legs went

  • Ashezth
    27 Oct '16

    I see you Tiny Pig. I see you.

  • Pigless
    27 Oct '16

    @Ashezth I see no tiny pig. Given that tiny pig is roughly the size of a sugar bowl (see #312), he's pretty hard to spot.

  • Pigful
    27 Oct '16

    No, wait, I found it. Hiding in a blasted painting.

  • Mobrox007
    27 Oct '16

    I love shoelace in th pumpkin:) SO CUTE!

  • Ana
    27 Oct '16

    What's that in the picture on the left top side? Is that a tiny butt farting? hahahaha!! (>_<)

  • Sander
    27 Oct '16

    How interactive!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    27 Oct '16


  • john
    27 Oct '16

    I have never seen Shoelace looking better :D

  • Duncan Glasgow
    Duncan Glasgow
    27 Oct '16


  • Tim V.
    Tim V.
    27 Oct '16

    This is a story about ice cream. "uh-huh..." One time I had an ice cream. "and then what happened?" I DIDN'T EAT IT! "BLAEH!"

  • Karry
    29 Oct '16

    Halloween is not big in New Zealand Owo
    Same :3 I am not too crazy over it either.

  • feffers
    1 Nov '16

    @Karry Honestly, i live in america and can i just say its weird how much every one out here loves halloween... im just so over it, but then again im the kinda guy who likes thanksgiving more then christmas :3
    love your comics li! been following since 200 :D

  • Epicness
    7 Nov '16

    Wait, you're all the way in NEW ZEALAND?? Huh, who new... Also, tiny witch hat and the picture with a butt in the background- 10/10!! HAPPY HALLOWS EVE!!!!!

  • James
    9 Nov '16

    I noticed that Shoelace and the 'Ghost' bunny remain totally unfazed throughout the story. I dont think they were listening.

  • Jellybean
    19 Nov '16

    If you're really looking for a fright, look up romanesco broccoli. The stuff of mathematical nightmares/dreams.

  • Amber
    24 Nov '16

    I enjoy this comic, because I am a horror writer.