• Li
    14 Sep '16

    It’s one panel week :D

    You can buy this and any of my comics/artwork as a print from the store!

  • Pomp
    14 Sep '16

    Can't pass on a first post. Love your art~

  • Siebje
    14 Sep '16

    Shoelace used SURF!

    It's super adorable!

  • Bluestgirl
    15 Sep '16

    Every time I see you have a new comic, it makes me smile, and it makes my morning better. Thank you!

  • Franck
    15 Sep '16

    Shoelace the cat and Li the human, the fun will never end, its adv... Wait ! Exocomics ! Yeah ! Seriously, I need so crossover on a t-shirt or something...

  • Tom
    15 Sep '16

    Man, what a terrific name for a ship. "USS Shoelace," "HMS Shoelace," "SS Shoelace," all good.

  • kilby
    15 Sep '16

    Those flowers remind me of stars. We know that Shoelace floats in water and in air, but presumably even in space. How about #450 with a Sholace zeppelin, #460 with a Shoelace space station, and #470 with a Shoelace bussard ramjet?

  • Nuggets
    16 Sep '16

    Daww, Shoelace is the perfect boat.
    You should really get someone to make you a jingle, hint hint.

  • oish
    16 Sep '16

    Nice catamaran!

  • Karry
    16 Sep '16

    I wish I could just float in the south pacific and forget all the crazy politics in the US.

  • Epicness
    18 Sep '16

    Whoah!! I'm FINALLY caught up-to-date with these EXTRAORDINARY comics of yours! I've literally been reading and adoring all of your past comics and drawings till now! You better get used to my presence in the comments and be EPICNESS!!!! Also, give lil Shoe a pat on the head for me, huh? I've been through a long journey to say some thing!