• Li

    14 Dec '09

    I'll miss you, Lappy :(

  • Finn

    18 Dec '09

    My laptop's name is Lappy too... And I should be studying statistical mechanics but I just found these comics.. Can't stop reading... Argh, cursed be ye!

  • Bridget

    25 Apr '10

    Awww... I get emotional attachment to stuff like that all the time. I feel bad that I use my new headphones, pencils, t-shirts.... I always feel like I'm betraying my old stuff! Except my new laptop. Her name is Evangeline, and I love her so much more than the old piece of crap buried in my room.

  • Jon

    28 Apr '10

    I name all of my nameable electronics. It's quite amazing what personalities they can have.

  • david

    24 May '10

    I named my laptop Ace because my is an Acer

  • alvaro

    09 Jun '10

    I name things that complex enough to be misterious and have habits / character :) So my computer is Mushi (half-sentient half-beings in an anime, fits a computer pretty well :D) and my motorcycle is Teresa (she's dressed in silver and DOES have superhuman strength and modest appetite). My camera doesn't have a name though :-/ only that little hotpixel in the lower left corner, Lulu...

  • Ping

    20 Jun '10

    I call all laptops lappys, and my lappy's name is Minnie. :D

  • Robert

    06 Aug '10

    I always dismantle all my old electronics...parts and pieces of my old phone are right here right now anyway...can't take apart the laptop though cause it's going to my sister :)

  • Johnnie

    07 Sep '10

    I call my laptop Toppy =D

  • OldRice42

    08 Sep '10

    I named mine laptop Compunter. Nobody told me that a 17" hp laptop/cement block baked in hot coals was not a good idea for college. But for some reason, i still love my Compunter.

  • Kate

    28 Sep '10

    Oh my GOD. That's exactly what it was like when my boyfriend dismantled my laptop this summer! I was dying inside. I had to leave the room.

  • J. Hawke

    14 Oct '10

    I name all my computers and external hard drives, haha. My server's "Penny," my MacBook Pro's "Alice" and the various hard drives are White Rabbit, Dave, Michael, Marty, Seamus, Enterprise, Yamato, Remus, and Romulus, ^_^ I'm a bit of a nerd. Hence I always love disassembling a nice laptop or computer whenever I get the chance ;-)

  • Vanessa

    31 Oct '10

    My husband likes to dismantle laptops, too. It is when he is truly happy!

  • Treehouseman

    22 Dec '10

    I've had 4 laptops Larry, Butch, Luna, and Horo, i would have protected the first three with my life had i had the chance, I'm never going to let what happened to Luna happen to Horo.

  • Pro-crastinator

    05 Jan '11

    Mines Garrett the Gateway if you were wonderin.

  • @silumanluwak

    29 Mar '11

    my laptop's name is yuuta, and i kind of have an emotional feeling with my laptop too :D

  • Lucca

    26 Jul '11

    I name my computers...and I create backstories for them...so don't worry, you're just as sane as I am!

  • Jeremy

    30 Jul '11

    When my laptop died: I used his body parts to make another one

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    ...after reading the comics, I don't know if we're all sane or if we're all a little insane lol. I had a weird emotional attachment to my last laptop (got a new one last month) and named it Colonel Toshi because it was really old and it was a Toshiba. Also because I kept finding fried chicken crumbs inbetween the keys even though I haven't eaten fried chicken for a couple months. >.>

  • Katifer

    03 Nov '11

    My new Kindle's name is Porygon, but I definitely don't love my books any less ^^

  • Howard

    06 Dec '12

    @ Bridget this is not an unhealthy emotion, the economy of planned obsolescence and disposable goods is not only offensive to the earth but to the subconscious and the attachment we grow to things we actively appreciate through being mindful in our daily lives, which are basically tools for survival in our subconscious. Dont ever change, stay mindful.

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