• Li

    07 Sep '16


  • Vítor

    07 Sep '16

    goHomeQuizYoureDrunk ()

  • A W

    07 Sep '16

    Immediately tried it. deaddove.jpg.

  • Nivek Z

    07 Sep '16

    THE URL WORKS OMG. Wait, does this mean we're all bunnies and we don't know it yet?

  • Lucy

    07 Sep '16

    Drunk? I think this is the first *sober* quiz that I have ever taken!

  • Dylan

    07 Sep '16

    I'm more than happy that url worked

  • Gerard

    08 Sep '16

    Love the quiz :). Finally one with a good answer!

  • fluff

    08 Sep '16

    Ha! There's a tab open for Grumblers Anonymous!

  • Joel

    08 Sep '16

    You mean I'm not Shoelace? D:

  • Tim V.

    08 Sep '16

    Fun fact: on the real quiz site, the character icons have seeeeeecret text!

  • Vijay

    08 Sep '16

    @Lucy: Vitor's actually referencing the javascript function that returns you to the comic after you've read the results pane!

  • Buns

    08 Sep '16

    I'm the bunny with the phone in number 262. (The quiz is wrong)

  • Kilby

    08 Sep '16

    After all that work to make the quiz URL really work, wasn't there enough time to put some punctuation into the message? Three sentences, no periods.

  • Kilby

    08 Sep '16

    P.S. @ Tim V. - I see no rollover text under any of the icons, all that happens is that the icons are zoomed (which I must admit is a neat effect). Does anyone else get the text?

  • Xeno!

    09 Sep '16

    @Kilby - I saw the text by selecting the screen (or ctrl-a). The text isn't reaaaaally that exciting XD

  • Somebody

    21 Sep '16

    Bunny's expression in the last panel is the result of seeing this comic after clicking "ok."!

  • Ana

    31 Aug '18


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