• Li

    17 Aug '16

    Whoa another six panel comic! You lucky thing! Hope you're having a lovely week :D

  • Franck

    17 Aug '16

    Aaaaaaand we're never gonna know what was the wishes. I'd wish to never have to share my donuts if I were Li. But I'm me so I'd wish for a Trillion Euros in the Bank. Or to get paid to sleep...

  • Nivek Z

    17 Aug '16

    I need a wish granting bee too. Car's been having problems all week. I swear they're like giant puzzles,one little piece and the entire thing falls apart. =/

  • J

    18 Aug '16

    Oh no. Not everything that comes out of a lamp is a genie I guess, welp :(

  • Mark

    18 Aug '16

    She was wishing for pizza with aioli.

  • Judy

    18 Aug '16

    Life of a modern genie aye heheh

  • lauryam

    18 Aug '16

    Love wednesday

  • Fin

    20 Aug '16

    I just discovered this web comic and this is soooo adorable!! Looking forward to more!

  • Xeno!

    23 Aug '16

    I'm sure he left contact info inside the lamp.

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