• Li

    03 Aug '16

    I honestly haven't had pizza in so long that it took me ages to come up with the list of toppings for the first panel. I'm predicting that the following comments will all be about how weird my topping choices are. Initially, I was going to add BBQ sauce but in real life I don't really like BBQ sauce so I didn't want to mislead you into thinking that I did so I chose aioli instead. I'M SORRY, OK??

  • Kalaina

    03 Aug '16

    These pizza toppings are SO COOL! I would have never thought to use aioli.

  • Nivek

    03 Aug '16

    What wizardry is this that prevents pizza from going soggy??

  • Jack Chain

    04 Aug '16

    Aioli is a bit weird. Why not just olives and garlic? Everything else are world-class pizza toppings.

  • Amber

    04 Aug '16

    I think your topping choices are excellent, Li!

  • Andrew

    04 Aug '16


  • Mark

    04 Aug '16

    Being from Chicago, where we have the best pizza in the world (quiet NY), I don't understand pizza without tomato sauce.

  • Vickie

    04 Aug '16

    This sounds fantastic!! I love the little crab tucked in the corner.

  • Franck

    04 Aug '16

    Chorizo Ananas Extra chorizo Extra ananas And Apple Honey Blue cheese and Pear Walnuts Blue cheese And the "irish breakfast" one Eggs Black pouding Beans in tomato sauce Saussages Mushroom Please deliver at 8:30 pm at the usual address, thanks !

  • Nathaniel

    04 Aug '16

    That ingredient list sounds SO GOOD. I have got to find a place that can use Aioli as a sauce base.

  • Zemyla

    04 Aug '16

    @Mark: BBQ sauce is tomato sauce, just with extra spices added. However, pizza with alfredo sauce is also really good, for toppings that want a lighter flavor like spinach.

  • Vis

    04 Aug '16

    Yesterday I had pizza with cashews, sweet potato, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto, so I have no room to call anyone's pizza toppings weird.

  • Animefan

    04 Aug '16

    What IS Aioli even? Also the other toppings are great, except the onion ^^

  • Sander

    04 Aug '16

    @Animefan: It's a sauce made of garlic and olive oil.

  • Tim V.

    04 Aug '16

    The dedication of delivery from Hells knows no bounds!

  • Bwuh?

    04 Aug '16

    I had to look up what aioli even was. ... And now that sounds like the most fantastic pizza that ever existed. I'm doing that the next time I make homemade pizza.

  • Rob

    05 Aug '16

    Aww, Shoelace got the only drink!

  • gary

    05 Aug '16

    O.o Is pizza really no that common in New Zealand?

  • Dulset

    08 Aug '16

    What? No TIP??

  • Jag

    09 Aug '16

    Probably should have been more careful partying with those fish from the previous comic. They always leave me marooned on a deserted island too.

  • Nana

    11 Aug '16

    Aioli? Is that really how you write it in English? That surprised me. In Spanish we call it alioli, what is already missing an "l" because it comes from Catalonian "all i oli", that means literally "garlic and oil".

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