• Li

    20 Jul '16

    Peacocks really freak me out. Their feathers look like creepy eyes and they swagger around like they own the place. WORST BIRD. I would go so far to say that they're even worse than geese (and I know how much you guys hate geese)!

  • invisibules

    20 Jul '16

    We stayed in a place with only (female) peahens. When we asked why they didn't have a male bird, they said he made such a horrible noise that they ate him!

  • podian

    21 Jul '16

    He's not competing with you, he's hitting on you.

  • Franck

    21 Jul '16

    Just catch it with a PoKeBall and send it to me, I'll cook it.

  • Ken

    21 Jul '16

    You said "peacock" *snicker, snicker* I'm not a 13 y/o boy, but you sure couldn't tell it!

  • Howie

    21 Jul '16

    The park across the street from me has albino peacocks - they're purty! Big white lacy things.

  • Keith

    21 Jul '16

    Nothing is worse than geese. They are the hornets of the bird world.

  • Amber

    22 Jul '16

    Bringing peacock feathers into your home is supposed to be really unlucky, I've heard...

  • DQ

    27 Jul '16

    If you eat Pokemon, you will get pixelated.

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