• Li
    14 Dec '09

    I’m bored. I want to be what you look at ^_^

  • Oyk
    16 Jan '10

    Oh, so it's not *just* my girlfriend.


    Or is it?

  • Data
    29 Apr '10

    This is what my cat does all the time. All day long...

  • Alez
    11 May '10

    That's what my girlfriend does all the time, except on messenger.

  • ratmage
    23 May '10

    I love that game. Haha, my dog constantly does that to me.

  • Chase
    23 May '10

    thank goodness, I thought Relena was the only person that did this.

  • d
    23 May '10

    LOUIS! you just doomed louis and his unlimited pillz!

  • Jens
    29 May '10

    That something my wife does...

  • Starlight
    14 Jun '10

    Yeah, which girlfriend/wife doesn't do that? xD
    I mean, maybe it's a hint ;P

  • Starlight
    14 Jun '10

    Also, you know what really helps? Feed him strawberries or something else he likes
    WHEN he finally stops computing he's all happy and fun
    (also, he'll think of you more and stop earlier)

  • Lauren
    1 Sep '10

    This is awesome. My boyfriend always says that my favorite place to be is directly in front of whatever he's doing. He says this with a sigh and a grimace, but I know he secretly loves it :)

  • Jacqueline
    5 Nov '10

    LI! SERIOUSLY! I LOVE YOU! AND YOUR COMICS! THEY'RE JUST LIKE ME! I love scary movies, and zombies. Well...I don't "love" them. I mean like, I'm a fan? I guess. I love L4D hehe, oh man, you rule :)

  • Becca
    18 Nov '10

    I'm sorry but my first reaction to this comic was "DUCKEY!!!!!!!!! :D". I want the top!! ><

  • Serge
    28 Nov '10

    As we are reading this, my fiancee just admitted "I do do that"

  • Maddieline
    30 Nov '10

    My friend does that to me when I'm on my iPod, he says, "Hey, what'cha lookin' at there, good buddy?" and puts his whole head in front of my screen. ' 3 ' It's always funny. xP

  • Sreg
    26 Jan '11

    thank god for empathy.

  • Hannah
    23 Feb '11

    omg... L4D AND Sims...? Another Zombie addict?... I think I might love you T-T I wish I was in NZ so I could meet you :(

  • NedK
    24 Feb '11

    Oh, I definitely recognize that situation... "More attention to the things (and person) that matter(s)"... Thanks for the tip!

  • Katherine Stimpert
    Katherine Stimpert
    29 Mar '11

    he he i do that to my boyfriend sometimes

  • Nicole
    16 Jul '11

    Lol me and my boyfriend play that game together.
    I like to play as Nick because.... thats my name :)

  • edhem
    12 Aug '11

    Oh, so its in the second X chromosome, I thought it was just my girlfriend who does that .... and yes if we live with you, we see you enough.... give us some time to shoot stuff .....

  • Doodlebug
    15 Aug '11

    I totally do this to my husband all the time.

  • Brie
    22 Nov '11

    I do this to my roommate all the time. He's currently obsessed with the second Left4Dead though (I love the game too, but I'd rather go outside or talk XD)

  • Jackson
    14 Dec '11

    My fiance and me do that back and forth all the time.

  • Livi♥
    22 Apr '12

    I do that to my boyfriend all the time!!! =^.^= Sometimes they need the distraction. :-3

  • Corina
    7 Sep '12

    Im study architecture jaja and i loveeeeeeeeeeeee LEFT4DEAD and you C:

  • Michael Canisius
    Michael Canisius
    19 Jun '13

    My girlfriend is also a human cat. . .

  • Cool man 25
    Cool man 25
    12 Feb '14

    You are dead!
    Not big surprise

  • satsutekh
    6 Jun '16

    The struggle is real. The struggle to be the thing that is looked at ;)