• Li
    15 Jun '16

    I went on a walk last week and a giant fluffy samoyed ran up and gave me a kiss! Thankfully Shoelace wasn’t around though, he doesn’t approve of me patting other animals AT ALL.

    In other news, my workload isn’t that bad at the moment so if you were thinking about getting a commission, now’s the perfect time to email me!

  • Hanna Laasberg
    Hanna Laasberg
    15 Jun '16

    Love it! You have a wonderful comic. I love the characters. :)

  • Chris
    16 Jun '16

    I patted a Samoyed on the weekend too! They're so friendly and fluffy (and I don't have a jealous cat to worry about)!

  • Chris
    16 Jun '16

    Li how could you!

  • Masoud
    16 Jun '16

    Vengeance will be swift. Shoelace never forgives •﹏•

  • 1BitGrace
    16 Jun '16

    The dog has no idea what's going on XD

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    16 Jun '16


  • Pixelex
    16 Jun '16

    Seriously.. great comic!! XD

  • Cody
    16 Jun '16

    Meeting new pups is my favorite thing :)

  • Owen
    17 Jun '16

    They should just rename Samoyeds Floofpups and be done with it. Also I'm sure with sufficient food and scritches Shoelace will forgive you

  • biggo
    17 Jun '16

    Dose eyebrows òó

  • Wickermoon
    30 Jun '16

    I have no idea why, but whenever I read exocomics, I imagine Li with the voice of LilyPichu...just look her up on youTube :3