• Li

    01 Jun '16

    Thank you so much for all the amazing feedback on my rain comic! Even though I can't reply to everyone individually, I hope you know I read every last one of your comments (on here and on my social media accounts) and your kind words had me grinning from ear to ear :)

  • aarron

    01 Jun '16

    And that's why we do it!

  • Victoria C-L

    02 Jun '16

    harrdeeharr I get it ;) very clever!

  • amelenge

    02 Jun '16

    Jaajajajajajja no entendi :|

  • Aaron

    02 Jun '16

    How does one sweat from stress under water?

  • Leon

    02 Jun '16

    The "F" stands for "fish", obviously :D

  • Paula

    02 Jun '16

    Oh noes!

  • Julia

    02 Jun '16

    You could say that the grade's below 'C' level *badum flop*

  • Marlowe

    04 Jun '16

    @amelenge En inglés decimos que un grupo de peces es 'a school of fish'. Esta expresión usa la misma palabra 'school' que usamos para las escuelas, y la Sra. Li aplicó esta igualdad literaria en el dibujo.

  • Xeno!

    06 Jun '16

    That degree seems a bit fishy to me.

  • Jonathan

    06 Jun '16

    Volume 1 is comic 1-100 Volume 2 is comic 101-200 Volume 3 is comic 201-300 Can we expect a volume 4 for comics 301-400 soon?

  • Max

    07 Jun '16

    Is it the "touch fish" expression in Chinese by any chance?

  • Franck

    07 Jun '16

    F for Fin, it's not so bad !

  • Lisa

    09 Jun '16

    The way the panels are stacked, it almost looks like one school divided by the panel borders. Except for the fish going the opposite the direction in the bottom panel. I have a hard time believing Li has ever failed at anything.

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