• Li
    18 May '16

    I had a go on the htc Vive recently and had a doodle on TiltBrush! I drew a tree and a rose. Painting in 3D in virtual reality is so amazing. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

  • pimento
    18 May '16

    Cloud to butt filter engaged.

  • Patty
    18 May '16

    Clouds always ruin the fun.

  • Jack Chain
    Jack Chain
    19 May '16

    But then the cloud has to eat a soggy sandwich.

  • Franck
    19 May '16

    Typical irish summer... But wait this is not Ireland !

  • Karry
    19 May '16

    Shoelace looks kinda anmoyed .-.

  • Betsy
    19 May '16

    Jack--that's the only kind of sandwich clouds ever get to eat. :(

  • Perla
    19 May '16

    Woww <3

  • Banana
    19 May '16

    Wow, Google recommended me this Comic because you wrote htc vive in the comments. Great Comic tho

  • alex
    19 May '16

    very cute :3

  • Katherine (actually Sam)
    Katherine (actually Sam)
    20 May '16

    Wow, what a jerk cloud

  • Owenthefanboy
    23 May '16

    Ayy.. Clouds be greedy :/

  • Kilby
    31 May '16

    Unfortunately I have to submit my comment for the next comic here, because on the "rain" page there is no "submit" button. The "Rain" effect works fine under Mac OS X 10.5 (PPC), but only using Firefox, it won't start for me with Safari.

    As impressive as "rain" is, I think the thing I like about it best is that it was published as a special "extra", without waiting for #500 or even just until #430. This means that there is plenty of excellent "mod-10" material left in store for all of us to enjoy.

  • Mitsy
    15 Jun '16

    Shoelace brought his angry brows back! #bless