• Li
    3 May '16

    When I was little I fell off my bike and hit my elbow really hard. I STILL have that scar and I NEVER RODE A BIKE EVER AGAIN

  • Type
    4 May '16

    Yes, this is exactly how.

    But you should still learn how to do it because otherwise at some point someone will go "it's like riding a bike" about something and you won't be able to because you can't ride a bike.

    Bike is the only exercise I can do that is not swimming. It is also the only device I can legally pilot on my own. I walk a lot.

  • Aneresia
    4 May '16

    I can do this. I can do this.... No, I can't. (cute as ever!)

  • Jack Chain
    Jack Chain
    5 May '16

    RIP in Pepperoni

  • bunnitos
    5 May '16

    Hahaha. This is me on a bike. =D

  • Gwamblah
    5 May '16

    I am about to go cycling and this fills me with dread.

  • Chris
    5 May '16

    Safety Fist!

  • Cannot Unsee
    Cannot Unsee
    5 May '16

    Initially I thought that it was a strange-looking dead shark poking out of the basket, rather than a rear Shoelace.

  • Patrick
    5 May '16

    Haha, I thought it was a dead fish in the preview x3

    I hate bikes. If it was one of those lay-back-and-peddle trikes that might be ok. I always feel like I'm going to fall D:

  • Simon
    5 May '16

    Li, I had a very similar experience. I fell off the bike and landed in the grit of the path. I still have traces of black stuff in my elbow and knee. And I also don't get on bikes anymore. :-)

  • Lisa Tsosie
    Lisa Tsosie
    5 May '16

    Love how shoelaces butthole made guest appearances in both this week's and last week's comic. :3

  • Miku
    5 May '16

    I have a tricycle. It's the best thing.

  • Leon
    6 May '16

    If you watch closely, you'll notice she was tipped over by an evil bee!

  • Katherine
    6 May '16

    Shoelace's butthole is sure making a lot of cameo appearances lately....

  • Xeno!
    7 May '16

    Gravity 2: Wheels of Death

  • Timie
    11 May '16

    On 4th May I have returned from 5-day long hospitalisation after a terrible bike crash. This made me smile! Thanks!

    PS: Wear helmet and ride carefully! Do not be stupid like me!

  • Annie
    17 May '16

    I like how in the last panel Li is being held up by just her hair and 1 pedal x)

  • OS
    28 May '16

    I learned to ride a bike at 30. I'm not the most comfortable doing it so I stick to only riding on multi use paths, but I still enjoy doing it.

    It's never too late to learn! :)

  • MishMash
    30 Jun '16

    Annie- her hand is slightly covering it, but she's actually being held up by the bike handle and the pedal, not her hair :)

  • YOU!!
    25 Aug '16

    Accurate example of everyone who has tried to ride a bike, don't hide it

  • Ronan
    7 Nov '16

    Did that, when learning. Also crashed into a bush, a tree, side swiped a person, and hit a parked car. It happens. But learning anyway was worth it to me, because biking is fun and so much faster than walking, and also exercise and wind in face that cars aren't. Next challenge unicycle! Pedestrians beware.