• Li
    27 Apr '16

    I’m a messy eater so it’s probably best for everyone that I eat at home, away from the world :(

  • Ken
    27 Apr '16

    Or we could get all the messy eaters in the world together, move to an island, elect you our Queen, and live happily and messily ever after! Who's in? Besides me, I mean.

  • Jess
    28 Apr '16

    then you would truly be a fine diner - being royalty in all :P

  • Jack Chain
    Jack Chain
    28 Apr '16

    so, you suck up all the pasta first and then finish the meatballs and sauce after?

  • Owenthefanboy
    28 Apr '16

    Li dining is the dining of awesome. And the way I dine.. Always...

  • Divergent Reality
    Divergent Reality
    28 Apr '16

    I think you might enjoy the "just for you" slice.

  • Franck
    28 Apr '16

    I kinda want spaghettis and meatballs now. Swedish ones.

  • Chris
    28 Apr '16

    Are you eating noodles or a blanket? Do you even care?

  • pyrodice
    28 Apr '16

    shoelace butthole.
    High. Class. Dining.

  • Kilby
    28 Apr '16

    It took me quite a while to identify the object behind Li that suddenly appears in the fourth panel. It's simply her hand (thumbs up). It seems to have been drawn (but erased) in the third panel as well (presumably one panel was xeroxed from the other, but the border was redrawn).

    @ pyrodice - Perhaps the cat is (couch) surfing?