• Li

    30 Mar '16

    It was my birthday last Friday! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. I'M SO OLD NOW.

  • Tan of the ner

    30 Mar '16

    Well there's no need to feel so prickly about being older now!

  • il biggo

    30 Mar '16

    (Hope you had a) Happy Birthday! .-)

  • Franck

    30 Mar '16

    The problem with tiny cactuses is that I want to pet them but they don't let me :(

  • Zemyla

    31 Mar '16

    Franck: Wear a thick leather glove for cactus petting.

  • Xeno!

    31 Mar '16

    That cactus just needs scritches between its stabbypokes!

  • Raven

    31 Mar '16

    Happy birthday! Your art makes me so happy.

  • Daniel

    01 Apr '16

    happy birthday love your art :D

  • Marcelo Goam

    01 Apr '16

    Congratulations for the excellent quality of the Extra Ordinary Comics. Brazil needs the comics as well!

  • ChildAtHeart

    06 Apr '16

    Poor Cacti.. the misunderstood stepchild of the plant world.. all he wants is a hug. And Li, happy birthday! Don't worry, I'm pretty sure A lot of your readers are older than you anyway.

  • CoatboyThe ManofManyPockets

    06 Apr '16

    Tiny Cactus used prickle. It was SOOPAR AFFECTIVE!!!! Wild World has fainted.

  • Anthony

    07 Apr '16

    Ah, the cactus. Truly the most tsundere of plants.

  • anthony2

    04 Jun '16

    I had a cactus.. It died ._.

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