• Li

    16 Mar '16

    I made some artwork for Patreon's office in a couple of months ago and it's finally up! Ahh it's so cool, I hope I can make it to San Francisco sometime and see it in person.

    If you want to take a look at my Patreon page, you can do so here :D

    Have a good week, everybod!

  • Hannah

    16 Mar '16

    I love this!

  • Franck

    16 Mar '16

    That is... that is... the most evil thing I can imagine. I like it !

  • Sanjeb

    17 Mar '16

    That lemon is the "lippy one" from comic 412 :) :P

  • Artur

    17 Mar '16

    also look up man petting fish on youtube... :)

  • Mortimer

    17 Mar '16

    Not very pipou

  • P

    17 Mar '16

    "Come through guys, it's lit!"

  • PencilHelicopter

    17 Mar '16

    Hey! That party's heatin' up!

  • Kilby

    17 Mar '16

    Nasty, but it's nice to have an occasional comic that doesn't get some variation of "Oh, how cute!" in over half the comments.

  • sarah penguin

    19 Mar '16

    mmm fishies!

  • OwenTheFanboy

    20 Mar '16

    I requested a drawing of shoelace in a shoe and it just came in the mail. I just wanted to say it is AWESOME and you are a HUGE inspiration to me!! (Great comic today, btw.) -Owen

  • Sait

    23 Mar '16

    Que absurdo y raro....me encanta

  • Jo

    23 Mar '16

    woah, this got dark really fast.

  • Joel

    24 Mar '16

    Well that escalated quickly.

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