• Li

    14 Dec '09

    You can never have too many kittehs.

  • seth

    15 Dec '09

    mac users are so annoying

  • Tamfang

    20 Feb '10

    Not as annoying as, uh ... YOUR MOM!

  • thematulaaklives

    11 Mar '10

    Not as annoying as, uh ... MALARIA!

  • Damage

    07 Apr '10

    Quick, deliver kittens here!

  • Jayde

    15 Apr '10

    as soon as you mention Mac people rage cos mac is shit lol

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    Same year of birth! I always say 1986 was a good vintage...Also, mac users are blah...

  • herbs

    02 Jul '10

    doode. mac is awesomeee. not saying PC is shit.

  • ina

    09 Aug '10

    kittens are the solution to everything

  • David

    31 Aug '10

    kittens > mac & PC combined. /discussion.

  • zippomage

    11 Sep '10

    David, your comment was awesome

  • Omicron

    17 Sep '10

    David, You win.

  • Purple Pantsu

    19 Sep '10

    I've wished for a day like this my whole life (oAo)

  • Poached Mushrooms

    16 Oct '10



    27 Oct '10

    need moar kittens in Germany FTW! btw: http://xkcd.com/231/ ;)

  • shawn

    30 Oct '10

    not as annoying as Kitteh Diarrhea!!!

  • Lilli

    30 Nov '10

    It's not Mac Users that such.. It's the mac hipsters. Hipsters ruin everything.

  • Alyson

    24 Feb '11

    @Lilli - It's true. Mac Hipsters, and Hipsters in general. We should dig a hole and put them in it, then they will be forced to like it, because it's UNDERGROUND! Ohohoho!

  • Arii

    27 Feb '11

    Hi I'm not a mac user, I just casually like macs anyway. Sorry I guess I'm like cancer or something :'D

  • Lucas

    08 Mar '11

    Cats are so cute

  • Scotty

    20 Mar '11

    Hippsstteerrrrrr.........Good on you Li for shutting that hipster up XD

  • Michael

    26 Mar '11

    Not all mac users are evil. Just the ones that have a mac, ipod, iphone amd ipad. Those are the ones that should be despised. Ps, yes I have a mac, but I was forced into it by my college. As a communications major in film, I need final cut. :/ I make up for that evil by having an EVO

  • kick my macs

    28 Mar '11

    macs are personal computers, just thousands of dollars more. and they can't use flash player.

  • jamielyn

    09 Jun '11

    @kick my macs Uh yeah mac computers can use flash. I use flash all the time. Iphones cant use flash. get your facts straight. Also I love your comics Li!!!

  • Michael Canisius

    19 Jun '13

    I'm just going to go out on a limb here and basically guess that you perchance have somewhat of a mild fondness. . . For cats. . .

  • Jayde

    24 Sep '13


  • Annie

    26 May '14

    FTW - For the whiskers

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