• Li

    27 Jan '16

    I gtg, Jordan's playing The Witness without me >:(

  • Robyn

    27 Jan '16

    Have you died yet? We did that first to get it out of the way

  • Harrison

    28 Jan '16

    how dare he D:

  • Comix Dym

    28 Jan '16

    The scoop is always greener on the other side.. Or the scoop is always bigger under the microscope.. Or the scoop is out there?.. I need to lie down, too much have been uncovered. Too much for one man.

  • ScrabbleDiva

    28 Jan '16

    @ComixDym LOLZ!!! Love this one! Keep up the great work, Li!

  • Nicole

    28 Jan '16

    @Comix Dym The truth is out there. Also, great work, Li (^_^)v

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