• Li

    20 Jan '16

    If only I could've gone back in time and thought of this comic a week ago so that it was the first one of the year!

  • Pedro

    20 Jan '16

    Li, actually you can go back in time. All you need to do is spit out the calendar leaf and attach it to the rest of the calendar again...

  • Charly

    21 Jan '16

    Shoelace is like 'What the heck is she looking at?!' ...usually it's the humans wondering what cats are staring at. I love it :D

  • MishMash

    21 Jan '16

    That little bumblebee is so cute

  • Amy

    21 Jan '16

    Bon Appetit, Li!

  • Joel

    21 Jan '16

    Li, stop that, calendars are not human food.

  • Nicole

    21 Jan '16

    Roger that!!

  • Kilby

    22 Jan '16

    "Looking to the Future" ... ... by means of "Eating the Past"???

  • Brad

    22 Jan '16

    I do the same thing....but with receipts.

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