• Li
    13 Jan '16

    Happy new year everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome break :D
    Here’s to another year of comics!

  • Tim V
    Tim V
    13 Jan '16

    Wohoo! Happy New Year Li! Looking forward to comics 407-459! (and the inevitable exocomics Volume 4!)

  • Victoria C-L
    Victoria C-L
    14 Jan '16

    He/she's definitely got a case of the grumps! ^__^ Very cute! Get well soon porker!

  • Rudi S
    Rudi S
    14 Jan '16

    Looks like that little piggy needs something new.

  • Ravyn R.
    Ravyn R.
    14 Jan '16

    This is the cutest and exactly what I needed today. Cutest wittle gwumpy

  • Kilby
    15 Jan '16

    Oh no! He wears the "cone of shame"!

  • Bindi
    16 Jan '16

    Omg look at the Little pigs butt

  • Leon
    19 Jan '16

    There's no more comics?.. That's the fastest I've ever gone through 406 pages of comics.. So now I guess I have to wait until next Wednesday :p sad day

  • Sid
    20 Jan '16

    "Who is it that wants to be the subject of my wrath today?"