• Li

    02 Dec '15

    There's a couple of new drawings in the store (and they come with a free sticker pack too! ) :D

  • Kilby

    02 Dec '15

    Oh, yummy: "poot" scented pizza. I'm sure Li will order another one from that place. (Just as unlikely as from the slow restaurant that prompted this strip.)

  • Rabbit Police

    03 Dec '15

    Bunnies can't poot!

  • Actual Rabbit Police

    03 Dec '15

    Actually yes they can. Anything that poops can

  • Crying Girl

    03 Dec '15

    Guys why can't we just all get along like we used to in middle school

  • Damian

    03 Dec '15

    She doesn't even go here

  • Joel

    03 Dec '15

    That is the wrong way to keep the pizza warm!

  • Husband of the Rabbit Corps General

    04 Dec '15

    My wife would disagree with the actual rabbit police.

  • NaYa

    05 Dec '15

    Is it true that bunny poot smells like rainbows and candies?

  • PK

    07 Dec '15

    Yes NaYa, they do...

  • samson

    08 Dec '15

    joel, can you tell us how to keep pizza?

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