• Li
    25 Nov '15

    Thank you so much for all the lovely comments about comic 400! Jordan and I are so stoked that you guys liked the comic and I was especially happy to see in the comments that some of you noticed the silly details that I sneaked in :D

    Remember that shipping from New Zealand can take a while so if you want to buy anything for Christmas do it soon! Also for the next two weeks you can get free stickers when you buy stuff!

    Lastly, I played Journey recently and loved it so much that I drew this. What a beautiful game!

  • Eric
    26 Nov '15

    Lol! Cutsey and fun as always. :-)

    Reminds me that I have seen that in Germany if there are people on both sides of the street they can play Pong w each other on the crosswalk sign!

  • Xeno!
    26 Nov '15

    One time I didn't get real small and I got a ticket!

  • Ruth
    26 Nov '15


    What typeface did you use?

  • John
    26 Nov '15

    It's my birthday today. Happy birthday to MEEEE

  • Frank
    26 Nov '15

    Is that how the Gov of New Z keep people healthy there ? Why are we not funding this elsewhere ?

  • Mitsy
    2 Dec '15

    That is a v smol street thar. Must be for tines.

  • Edward
    6 Dec '15

    You know, I don't think I've ever seen something this Orwellian on Exocomics before.