• Li
    12 Nov '15

    COMIC 400 IS HERE!!

    I can’t believe we’ve reached four hundred comics already, it doesn’t seem like that long since I started exocomics! Jordan and I have spent a long time working on 400 so we really hope that you enjoy it.

    If it’s not working properly for you then leave us a comment and tell us what’s gone wrong along with your device, OS, and browser version and we’ll try to fix it. If you have an older device or it’s too slow, here is a simple version.

    400 will be up for two weeks, so the next comic will be on the 25th of November. In the meantime, you can follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter if you want to see more of my art.

    Also just a reminder that if you want to support my work, you can do so on Patreon! I post a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well as written posts there.

    Lastly, Christmas is coming up so if you want to purchase anything from the store, do it soon! Postage can be slow at this time of the year so it’s best to get in early.

    Thanks everyone! :D

  • Jia Xin
    Jia Xin
    12 Nov '15

    OMG I'VE BEEN REFRESHING THIS PAGE NON STOP I'M SO HAPPY. So worth the wait Li, awesome job, love it. :)

  • Richie Chan
    Richie Chan
    12 Nov '15

    Ah what a cool page.

  • AdamBombTV
    12 Nov '15

    As soon as he walked in, I knew that cat was trouble. He had a tail that reached heaven and a purr that wouldn't quit. I would have given anything to rub that soft belly of his... but I had to be strong. I'm a detective.

  • TheBig1
    12 Nov '15

    That some seriously nice work. Good job on this mega post!

  • Chelsea
    12 Nov '15

    That was so cute!! I've been looking forward to your 400th for a while and it didn't disappoint! yayy!

  • Foxy
    12 Nov '15

    But molesting fruit is my life

  • Fabrizio
    12 Nov '15


  • Yellow
    12 Nov '15

    Well worth the wait. Nice touch with the jigglypuff in the paper.

  • A.
    12 Nov '15

    This is so awesome :D

  • Maggie
    12 Nov '15

    That was so amazing li! Amazing art work and an adorable story. ^_^

  • Brett
    12 Nov '15

    Love this one!

  • Johnny
    12 Nov '15

    OMG Li this is just too cute! I love it seriously. I'm very happy to see how you've developed your art (also Jordan's made an amazing work!) Congratulations to you both <3

  • Joel
    12 Nov '15

    This is amazing. Li + Shoelace + noir story + CATS EVERYWHERE = mega win.

  • Vozella
    12 Nov '15

    This was such a pleasure to read.

  • Aurelio
    12 Nov '15

    I love how the juice straw gets more and more intricate, complex, and morally ambiguous over time. JUST LIKE THE CASE.

  • Jack
    12 Nov '15

    Wow, this is so good! I was expecting something cool for #400 but not something as amazing as this!

  • Wayne
    12 Nov '15

    You're sup' talented.

  • Arvid and Ana
    Arvid and Ana
    12 Nov '15

    Wow, this is amazing!! Such an awesome story :) I loved all the details. My husband and I are big fans of your work and we enjoyed SO much reading this together. Thank you very much Li, Jordan and Shoelace <3 Keep up the awesomeness! :)

    Greetings from Sweden :)

  • Lisa
    12 Nov '15

    So amazing!! Side note: I love how the straws get crazier as the comic progressed.

  • Lohe
    12 Nov '15

    It's such a delightful thing to look at (and read!). Noticed the straws, too. :)

  • Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie
    Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie
    12 Nov '15

    How fun is this!? Loved it.

  • Elsie Knight
    Elsie Knight
    12 Nov '15

    AWESOMMMMEEE!!! AHHHHH thanks so much! Great job, Li and Jordan! And Shoelace of course!

  • Jenn
    12 Nov '15

    That was great! I watched The Maltese Falcon recently but this was a much better detective story. That movie has like zero cats! You need to sell at "Don't Molest The Fruit" print. I would totally put that in my kitchen.

  • Xt
    12 Nov '15

    great work! couldnt find how to activate the art at first tho...

  • kangarooster
    12 Nov '15

    Oh my gosh this was beautiful

  • Tim V
    Tim V
    12 Nov '15

    That was gripping and adorable at the same time! Wonderful work!

  • rukaya
    12 Nov '15

    This is my favourite comic yet! PLEASE do a sequel or two! I loved the juice and the straws.

  • rudeberry
    12 Nov '15

    If there is any possibility that this can be printed and made into a little book i would buy it...just saying...also i want sequels!! This is everything i ever wanted to read, great job :))

  • Kilby
    13 Nov '15

    I agree with rudeberry: This story needs to be a book, printed on real paper, and not just online.

    P.S. If you do print it, please increase the legibility of the note at the end of the story.

  • Alicia
    13 Nov '15

    I Love it! ^_^

  • Kelly
    13 Nov '15

    This is amazing! The level of detail is superb. I always enjoy your comics so much, they always brighten up my day.

  • invisibules
    13 Nov '15

    Super-amazing-ful! Thanks for the great artwork and story. Have you ever seen the film Tampopo?

  • Peter
    13 Nov '15

    This is incredible.

  • Jonathan
    13 Nov '15

    Loved how the paintshop owner acted.

  • James L
    James L
    13 Nov '15

    This is amazeballs! Great work, Li. You make us all proud ;D.

    The juicebox was amazing, everything was amazing.

  • Grop
    13 Nov '15

    2forks shoelace is my new fav shoelace

  • Robin
    13 Nov '15

    So fun and amazing! Just forwarded a link to this site to a few friends who haven't seen your webcomic yet. Everyone I have ever introduced to this here in the US has fallen in love with it as much as I did a few years ago!

  • Charles
    13 Nov '15

    That was very good! Enjoyed everything about it.

    I really hope that you'll make a print version of this someday.

  • Jeremy
    13 Nov '15

    That was seriously cute!

  • Nitin
    13 Nov '15

    Awwww! That was amazing!!! And the "dont molest the fruit" poster needs to be a real exocomics poster! :)

  • 4o66
    13 Nov '15

    Wow. This was great, and totally was worth every bit of effort you put into it. Thanks!

  • Maggie
    13 Nov '15

    Eep. That was fabulous. I've been looking forward to it for ages! Also, I really want a don't molest the fruit poster.

  • Belliave
    13 Nov '15

    That was truly fantastic! I hope you had a good a time making it as I did reading because ohhh boy :D Thank you for brightening up my day immeasurably!

  • joanna
    13 Nov '15

    omg that is adorable. i LOVE IT!! <3

  • Danny
    13 Nov '15

    Love the comic Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!
    Can you pleeeeeeese make a print of "don't molest the fruit"???????????

  • Der Kaiser
    Der Kaiser
    13 Nov '15

    i really liked what you did for the 400th chapter but it was really difficult to change pages but other than that it was a really amazing chapter.

  • FJ
    13 Nov '15

    Brilliant comic! Cute, but intriguing Please, for the love of goodness, don't stop making these :)

  • il biggo
    il biggo
    14 Nov '15

    Ooooohhhh. This is NOT DUMB AT ALL .-D
    Loved the art and the colours <3

  • Tyler
    14 Nov '15

    I absolutely love this. You HAVE to make the "don't molest the fruit" sign into a poster available in your store.

  • MishMash
    14 Nov '15

    Ohhhhhhh my goshhhhh....
    So the first thing I saw was a "#400 is loading" picture, and got kind of disappointed if that was the real thing.

    Then it loaded and I saw the picture of the comic on the desk. I appreciated the artwork but felt confused at the comic cover, feeling like I was missing some sort of inside comic joke...

    After reading the comments, I was seriously confused. Juice box? Don't molest the fruit poster?

    And then.... I realized you could click on the comic and HOLY EXO THIS IS AMAZING!

    I love love love this, Li and Jordan (cough I mean, sweets) This shall be bookmarked and forever enjoyed over and over. I too agree that a real life "Don't molest the fruit" poster/print would be soooooo awesomesauce :3

  • PseudoSsiah
    15 Nov '15

    ZOMFG! That was great. Totally was not expecting that! Also, I agree with Tyler. I want a "Don't molest the fruit" sign!

  • NaYa
    15 Nov '15

    That was amazing. Loved it! Congrats on #400 and good work!

  • DiscoKittie
    16 Nov '15

    This is wonderful! Love it! :)

  • Alejandro Monteagudo
    Alejandro Monteagudo
    16 Nov '15

    Amazing piece of work, you have a great technique.

  • Abby
    18 Nov '15

    Wow! Hats off to Jordan for the coding! Comic within a comic--love the idea!

  • CAT
    19 Nov '15

    Waahh!! :D I love it! This comic is really playful and beautiful. I'm a big fan of your renderings so I get excited about works like this. Great job!

  • Konoko
    19 Nov '15

    I sure learned a valuable lesson! Thank you so much! Almost as touching as Undertale! :D ;D ;_; :D

  • judah
    20 Nov '15

    Omg I haven't been here in like three years, how I have missed your comic.

  • Marc
    22 Nov '15

    First of all, I love your comics! However, it looks like I will have to make do with the "simple" version, because:

    I get a cross-origin error with Firefox 42 under Linux (on a desktop):

    Quellübergreifende (Cross-Origin) Anfrage blockiert: Die Gleiche-Quelle-Regel verbietet das Lesen der externen Ressource auf (Grund: CORS-Kopfzeile 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' fehlt).

    Sorry for the German, but perhaps you get the gist of it. If not: the same-origin-rule is blocking access to TweenMax.min.js because the CORS-header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' is missing.

    The other two errors I get after that are most likely a result of this error ("RSync: 1/16 - 'gsap' failed" and "ReferenceError: Expo is not defined").

  • me
    22 Nov '15

    best book 10/10

  • James
    23 Nov '15

    Very nice, Li :)

  • Ari M
    Ari M
    23 Nov '15

    That was the best drawn dumb adventure I've ever read and I love it! Totally worth the weeks without updates.

  • floof
    26 Nov '15

    OMG loved the Jigglypuff reference!

  • D. Lee
    D. Lee
    30 Nov '15

    Wow that's quite impressive. The story line was pretty good and I couldn't stop myself reading code. :D (Sorry for being nerdy.)

  • Evelyn
    3 Dec '15

    Is the secretary... Jordan??? Talk about equality, good for you guys <3

  • ariel
    15 Dec '15

    It's great really !!!

  • Stefan
    24 Dec '15

    Please do more stories like that! I totally enjoyed this one!

  • Sid
    7 Jan '16

    Loved every bit of it. The grabability of these kitties was quite high it seems.

  • scarabeus
    17 Feb '16

    I love your comic. It's beautiful, it's cute, it's a nice story. I have to see more! :3

  • ScrabbleDiva
    5 Jan '17

    This was amazing Li! I loved every second! Great work! :D Congrats on 400!

  • Thomas
    9 Apr '17

    Was that Jordan as the receptionist?

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    ruff linkage 201549 &#8211; Pieceoplastic
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  • Kallee
    12 Nov '18

    That was absolutely beautiful.

    Good job you two!

    -A New Fan (Like, just discovered you guys today)