• Li
    28 Oct '15

    It was so cool to see some of you at Armageddon this weekend! I used to be really nervous about meeting fans, but you’ve all been so nice :) I’m really lucky to have such an awesome bunch of readers. Have a good week everybody!

  • AL
    28 Oct '15

    Just one more paaaaaaaaaage O_O

  • Lee
    29 Oct '15

    Achievement: The 400th Page: 399/400
    So close :)
    (It's so glad to see that we have a same last name :))

  • Nicole
    29 Oct '15

    ...was that a treat or a trick?

  • ScrabbleDiva
    29 Oct '15

    Wizard shoelace is my fave evar!

  • Kilby
    29 Oct '15

    When considering the gifts that birds usually drop from the sky, getting a worm should definitely be considered a treat, and not a trick.

    P.S. People seems so fixated with anticipation of #400 that they aren't stopping to take the time to enjoy #399.

  • MishMash
    29 Oct '15

    In panel 4 Li's all 'Well, that's definitely /not/ a candy gummy worm.....'

  • lel
    29 Oct '15

    and here comes john cena! #400

  • Michel
    30 Oct '15

    Could have been worse than a wiggle worm :D

  • Logan
    7 Nov '15

    I just read all 399 comics in one day, I'm in love with them, I can't wait for #400!!

  • Name unknown
    Name unknown
    12 Nov '15

    Yes, I know you will have 400th comic soon, but remember that Gregor Czaykowski has 200th Loading Artist on Monday. Send him some wishes.

  • Mitsy
    18 Nov '15

    OMG Li, /I/ was a pumpkin this year! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!