• Li

    21 Oct '15

    Look how close we are to 400! Ahhh still so much work to do.

    Also just a reminder that if you're in Auckland this weekend, come see me at Armageddon! If you're not in Auckland this weekend just pretend you're there with me in spirit (in a nice supporting way, not in a spooky haunty way)

  • Angelica Srivoraphan

    21 Oct '15

    Pew pew pew.. Let's be friends?

  • Joshua Peters

    22 Oct '15

    OH MY GOODNESS! Shoelace isn't in this one. What is happening!! *panic*

  • Yardell

    22 Oct '15

    I'll see you on the street at high noon...for ice cream.

  • Franck

    22 Oct '15

    Well Joshua, he disappeared for 10 years, don't you remember ?

  • MishMash

    27 Oct '15

    the hat obviously grants magical powers of hand-guns. yup.

  • Jonathan

    28 Oct '15

    Awesome, you are a fellow NZer!!! Your comics are some of my favorite, keep it up! :-)

  • stranger

    12 Nov '15

    Next frame chased by swarm of killer bees

  • wu tang killa beez

    12 Oct '17

    —or to take up arms against a bee of troubles— (shakespeare approves this msg)

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