• Li
    9 Sep '15

    We’re back from holiday! Germany was great. Our favourite city was probably Hamburg because a) Miniatur Wunderland, b) Planten un Blomen and c) Hamburg DOM (we rode the big ferris wheel and there were fireworks! :D)

    German tv was also funny because they have a lot of dubbed english shows. I had a great night lying in bed watching dubbed Gilmore Girls.

    The people we met were all really friendly and nice, we had an awesome time. Thanks Germany!

  • Zemyla
    9 Sep '15

    Giant sausages are the wurst.

  • Dystharia
    9 Sep '15

    Greetings from Germany :D
    Did you visit other cities too?

  • Caroline
    9 Sep '15

    I'm going to visit Germany in December with my boyfriend. First time in Europe. Now I will have to check if Hamburg can fit in our itinerary :P ! Also Gilmore girls is amazing haha.

  • Susan
    10 Sep '15

    Don't forget the bier!

  • Tan of the ner
    Tan of the ner
    10 Sep '15

    The real adventure in Germany is the abandoned buildings. All sorts of history you can imagine.

    I mean why else would there a whole site dedicated to telling people what abandoned places to go to and how to prep and everything in between?

  • LEH
    10 Sep '15

    Germany? Are you sure you weren't in Texas? Everything is bigger in Texas...

    But then again, many towns in Texas have German names. That fits.

  • maravila
    10 Sep '15

    why couldn't you have come to Dortmund I would have shown you around XD

  • der_dreh
    10 Sep '15


  • sarah penguins
    sarah penguins
    10 Sep '15

    sounds wikes funs :)

  • Husnu
    10 Sep '15

    Your jumper with pretzel on it makes sense. That's why you were welcome there!

  • JB
    10 Sep '15

    Just got back from Germany last night. I was everything I thought it would be and more. I fell absolutely in love.. I didn't want to leave. Didn't have the chance to see Hamburg. However, I did fall in love with Leipzig and Berlin. We did a lot of urban exploring outside of Berlin. That was absolutely creepily awesome. Beelitz was the name of the town and it's super easy to get to by train.

  • Bluejester
    10 Sep '15

    Oh noes! No potatoes OR sausages allowed!

  • stranger
    10 Sep '15

    Is the shine from the sausage reflecting light into your glassess causing them to glare?

  • Kilby
    10 Sep '15

    It looks like we could stage a fair-sized convention of Exocomics-readers right here in Germany. I'm biased, of course, but I would still vote for Berlin.

  • Bartosz
    11 Sep '15

    Living in Europe, I have more association with Ireland and Slavian countries (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine...) when it comes to potatoes rather than Germany. But Wuerste sind lecker in Deutschland!

  • Sarah
    11 Sep '15

    Miniatur Wunderland is THE BEST. Tiny Milka cow!

  • stranger
    11 Sep '15

    @Kilby or at the very least a sausage party

  • Kilby
    11 Sep '15

    I didn't notice the rollover text before, but Li is right, this summer Germany was overrun by an unusually high number of wasps, because of the very dry weather. Now that we've had a series of cold, rainy days, they are almost all gone.

  • NaYa
    14 Sep '15

    Nice! Miniature Wunderland is also on my bucket list. One day... one day!

  • Andrew
    16 Apr '18

    I cracked up when I visited Germany and saw A Hard Day's Night dubbed into German. The voiceover guy playing John read all his lines in the clipped, tense accent of any German newsman announcing the stock market report. But the guy playing George really got into it with a Liverpool accent, just like George from the Beatles!