• Li

    12 Aug '15

    Hey guys! Jordan and I are in Europe so I won't be posting any comics for the next two weeks. But I'll still be posting drawings on patreon, facebook, twitter and instagram! See you back here on the 9th of September :D

  • Jimmy

    20 Aug '15

    first :^)

  • Kevin

    20 Aug '15

    My shoelace don't want none unless you got puff, son

  • PaulBags

    20 Aug '15

    ^^^ :D:D:D

  • Belliave

    20 Aug '15

    This comic perfectly sums up exactly how I felt about waking up this morning. I DUN WAN NUTHIN' EXCEPT MA PYJAMAS AND MA BED! In other news: I hope you have fun in Europe!

  • Anna

    20 Aug '15

    Welcome to Europe! hope you like it, and find crazy inspiration for more crazy comics! ;-)

  • Rachel

    21 Aug '15

    I so get this. I strongly considered calling in "sick" this morning. Bed was too comfy.

  • Xeno!

    25 Aug '15

    Being a Lady of the Wood has many benefits, but also a few responsibilities.

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