• Li

    29 Jul '15

    Jordan and I spent the weekend playing Road To Gehenna! It had crazy hard puzzles. Highlights: Pendulum, Haircut, The Crater (I solved Pendulum waaaay before Jordan, he didn't even know what was going on)

  • Highwind

    30 Jul '15

    First! Also, so cute!

  • Xenon

    30 Jul '15

    Teacup pup.

  • RealPerson

    30 Jul '15

    I blame the Booshwazee

  • Chris

    30 Jul '15

    stop complaining and take that dog!

  • 30 Jul '15

    still waiting for >75% on talos been playing kami though

  • Jia

    30 Jul '15

    Just wait till Shoelace sees it

  • Austin

    30 Jul '15

    Shoelace lurking in the bushes :D

  • Yapity

    30 Jul '15

    One reason I love your comics is that, while also being funny and whimsical, always make me feel like there's some bigger story behind these little things. This comic is a perfect example. Li sees a tiny dog, and instead of being like "aww, a tiny dog!" Li's instantly like: "gasp! who did this?" questions. so many questions.

  • sarah penguins

    01 Aug '15

    *giggles* it was me! wif my shrinkydinkinators!

  • Zangamarth

    13 Aug '15

    Looks like someone needs to report this to the Tiny Crimes Division.

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