• Li
    1 Jul '15

    There’s a new shirt in the store!

  • Lisa
    1 Jul '15

    YASSSS Cat Burger shirt <3

  • Jess
    1 Jul '15

    This is so me

  • LEH
    2 Jul '15

    I want this strip on a t-shirt!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    2 Jul '15


  • Tim V
    Tim V
    2 Jul '15

    Only 26 more weeks until strip #400!

  • Francesca
    3 Jul '15

    Dear Li,
    I just wanted to thank you for making these comics. My best friend and her fiancé are huge fans and could always relate somehow to the strips. This morning, at 3:50am, my best friend passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer, and this EXACT strip, is how she left. Thank you so much for providing a comic that she greatly enjoyed, and I hope you continue to do so for a long time coming.

  • Xeno!
    4 Jul '15

    Stomps so good you made the front page!