• Li

    03 Jun '15

    Yus, one panel week! I've been working on this painting for a few days and I'm quite proud of how it turned out. It's inspired by our trips to Japan and walking through the streets of Tokyo. I did another drawing with a similar theme a couple of years ago.

    I took a bunch of screenshots while I was painting this and I'll upload them to my social things soon (facebook, twitter, instagram). I made this progression shot of another drawing a couple of weeks ago and people seemed to like it.

    Also just a reminder that you can get any of my artwork as prints too!

    Have a good week, everybod! :D

  • Guus

    03 Jun '15

    This utterly stunningly beautiful!

  • Austin Colquitt

    04 Jun '15

    Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Keep it up Li!

  • garfieldairlines

    04 Jun '15

    Damn that's something I'd want as a wallpaper !

  • Maggie

    04 Jun '15

    Oh my god Li this is beautiful! Nice work!

  • Barış

    04 Jun '15

    Blade Runner.

  • Jonathan

    04 Jun '15

    It's beautiful! ^.^ Thanks for completing my spawn-day. <3

  • Justin

    04 Jun '15

    Wow. I love this one. The colours, the feeling - I want to visit there.

  • Francesca

    04 Jun '15

    Li, I never comment on anything but this is extraordinarily beautiful. Haha! just realised I wrote extraordinary, how fitting.

  • Robin

    04 Jun '15

    Been following you for a few years now Li. This one I really like. It's so your style, but more, with the neon glows and reflections and all that. LIKE!

  • TheOtakuPrince

    05 Jun '15

    Hey johnathan! It's my spawn-day too! ^_^ , Anyways Li, this is a great drawing! Keep it up

  • Michelle

    15 Jun '15

    Taiyaki?? or is that real fish o.o

  • Akira

    09 Jul '15

    You're breaking my heart! I miss Japan a lot. Beautiful work.

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