• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Shoelace is all about world domination and the destruction of dogs.

  • Prunebutt

    12 Apr '10

    Hey Shoelace! What are we gonna do tonight?

  • Shoelace

    23 May '10

    The same thing we do every night Prunebutt, try to take over the world!

  • rootbeer78

    23 May '10

    If Shoelace wants to destroy all dogs, then he has to go through Insanity Wolf first(BTW lower your speakers/headphones): http://deathtollearrape.ytmnd.com/

  • jeffsamuels

    15 Aug '10

    rootbeer i dropped my computor when i saw that XD i love you rootbeer

  • Ben

    31 Aug '10

    lol this is my favorite so far

  • Poached Mushrooms

    16 Oct '10

    So, rootbeer, that picture made my dog jump and he then run into a wall. My cat proceeded to meow hysterically and I think she was laughing at him. My dog's name is Flounder and my cat's name is Mulan. Li, you are truly inspirational and sometimes I think Mulan wants to take over Flounder's doghouse outside... o.O

  • Inigo Montoya

    05 Nov '10

    Hey, Natalie Dee tee ftw... Also, great strip. I wish I still had a cat...

  • Noelle

    27 Nov '10

    Ha! I do the same thing. . .except with Daleks. . .and a TARDIS play set ^_^ *Doctor Who reference, from BBC*

  • raincat

    07 Jan '11

    Ha, you people are awesome! Love the Pinky and the Brain reference btw Prunebutt. Love these comics too! Shoelace is so cute! ^_^

  • NedK

    24 Feb '11

    Brilliant... :)

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