• Li

    15 Apr '15

    Chromacon is on this weekend at the Aotea Centre in Auckland and I'm gonna be there! I'll be selling prints, drawings, books and STICKERS. Come say hello and throw your money at me. Woop woop!

  • tina

    15 Apr '15

    dat sassy sass.

  • Xeno!

    15 Apr '15

    Ah man, how much is it going to cost to find out?

  • Maggie

    16 Apr '15

    That is a mystery we shall never solve.

  • Tim V

    16 Apr '15

    This has a very similar structure to the "how busy are you?" strip from a while back. Li, are you practicing recurring skits?

  • vijay

    16 Apr '15

    So mean!

  • Ronald

    16 Apr '15

    At least I haven't spilled *my* coffee ;)

  • Ralphi

    16 Apr '15


  • Jack

    16 Apr '15

    I can't figure this mystery out! It's too hard for me! Can I have an easier one please?

  • Stefan

    16 Apr '15

    Why you so cruel? :c

  • Meow

    16 Apr '15

    Not sure if table, or crawled out of two dimensions between the floor and wall.

  • Chris

    17 Apr '15

    If I knew this I wouldn't have so many problems!

  • pyrodice

    18 Apr '15

    I would be smarter if someone hadn't knocked my coffee over... seriously, who can think without a good jump-start? :P

  • Daisy Infinity

    19 Apr '15

    So cruel! XP

  • LEH

    20 Apr '15

    I deal with dumb people all day! Me: Are you calling for help with a laptop, tablet or phone? Caller: No. It's a laptop! Me: In order to subscribe your computer to our network, I need the MAC address from your computer. Caller: I told you I have a WINDOWS computer, you idiot. Me: Are you a guest or a staff member? Caller: No, I'm a guest. So I switch it up: Me: Are you a staff member or a guest? Caller: No, I'm a staff member! What's really fun is the people who can't figure out how to connect and insist on telling me how to connect them. Hey - you so smart why you calling me? Huh?

  • Dumbledazz

    20 Apr '15

    i missed seeing you at chromacon :(

  • Ally

    22 Apr '15

    bring back the zip up hoodies in the store! pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

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