• Li
    8 Apr '15

    Jordan and I finished playing The Talos Principle in the weekend. It’s such an awesome game and has so many easter eggs! Go play it.

    Chromacon is next weekend (18-19 April), write it in ya diary and come see me!

  • Kelly
    8 Apr '15

    I was debating whether or not I should buy The Talos Principle and you just convinced me to do it!

  • ScrabbleDiva
    9 Apr '15

    I feel like this is what a tour of my life would be like. "And here we see her empty Red Bull cans and her mountain of ungraded papers from last December..."

  • David
    9 Apr '15

    Damnit, I am about halfway through the talos principle.
    I can't seem to finish it, too distracted by trying to get 100% of the side-puzzles

  • LEH
    9 Apr '15

    The Jordan Museum - it's adorable.

  • Lisa
    9 Apr '15

    YUSSS we are definitely coming to Chromacon!!

  • Windigo
    9 Apr '15

    The mechanical keyboard museum would be the loudest museum.

    "And if you look this way, you'll see our galle-" *CLICK CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK CLACK*

  • Megami
    9 Apr '15

    Just ONE chip?? For the price of this tour, we should have at least two!

  • Joel
    9 Apr '15

    I love how even Li is staring in awe at the butt print.

  • Tim V
    Tim V
    9 Apr '15

    Bring lots of chips to the mech-key museum. Hold them above the keys, then split them open. Now let's wait for Jordan to come back and see how he reacts!

  • Cody
    9 Apr '15

    Hey Li, was cool meeting you and Jordan at Gregor's. Love the comic :)

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    10 Apr '15

    Oooooh! Jordon chips! :)

  • Tann of the er
    Tann of the er
    11 Apr '15

    I think it would have been comical to see a small TM after the Jordan Chip.

  • Xeno!
    12 Apr '15

    I wonder what the requirements are to become a VIP MAN.

  • Daisy Infinity
    Daisy Infinity
    19 Apr '15

    *Eats two chips* Rebellion. B|

  • boqqtzz
    23 Apr '15

    Mechanical keyboard gallery you say? What kind of switches does he use?