• Li
    25 Mar '15

    It was my birthday today!
    Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :D
    So lately I’ve become a bit obsessed with onigiri-Li. It started with this, then this, and now look what you’ve done.

    She’s so mysterious.

  • Bob Schjob
    Bob Schjob
    25 Mar '15

    happy birthday!

  • Mouse
    25 Mar '15

    Happy +1 day Li!

  • Tim V
    Tim V
    25 Mar '15

    Happy Birthday, Li! I hope it was filled with lots of cake, grapes and jazz jazz jazz!

  • Tim V
    Tim V
    25 Mar '15

    Also, nice piece of doughnut Li! As Brock would say...

  • Tann of the er
    Tann of the er
    26 Mar '15

    Oi, that bird be jacking some seeds. Pff, What is this, warbler anonymous?

  • maravila
    26 Mar '15


  • Michelle
    26 Mar '15

    Why are the eyes different? Looks like a kitty-Li...

  • Wang Weiwei
    Wang Weiwei
    26 Mar '15

    Why it was also my birthday! I believe it was no coincident. Happy birthday, Li!

  • Totz the Plaid
    Totz the Plaid
    26 Mar '15

    A Belated Greeting and Well-Wishing for the Anniversary of the Day of Your Birth!

  • Chris
    27 Mar '15

    Careful with that onigiri-Li! You're making me hungry and I don't want to eat one of my favorite artists!

    Also congratulations for surviving another trip around the sun and I hope for many more for you!

  • Mr.Tofu
    27 Mar '15

    Happy Birthday :D I recently discovered your comic and thoroughly enjoyed my binge reading. Look forward to another year!

  • Xeno!
    28 Mar '15

    I'm rooting for you to experience several more solar revolutions!

  • GuyveroZ
    30 Mar '15

    It's Onigi-Li! Happy Birthday!