• Li
    4 Mar '15

    There’s two new t-shirt designs in the store! Blast Buns and Tiny Pig. I also added some more prints to the sales section of the prints page. That’s about it for now. Oh, I also drew a pigeon. Have a good week! :D

  • Maravilla
    4 Mar '15

    I gotta roll XD

    Are those spiders? Oh then you'll soon have a mosquito problem XD

  • Nectok
    5 Mar '15

    Oh poor poor spiders, I hope they can find an affordable home soon enough :(

  • Ashezth
    5 Mar '15

    Where has Shoelace been all my life?

  • Sander
    5 Mar '15

    No bloodshed, great job, Shoelace!

  • Ralphi
    5 Mar '15

    God speed, little arachnids. You always have a home in my heart.

  • Nicole
    5 Mar '15

    Spiders are good...unless they are brown recluses. Those guys are just a**holes and need to be evicted off the planet.

  • Xeno!
    5 Mar '15

    He mostly just evicted the ones with frowny angry faces. Clearly the sleeping one was a clerical error.

  • grop
    7 Mar '15

    I wish that really worked... I have nothing against spiders except that they creep me out... being a spider is outside work...

  • yapity
    12 Mar '15

    If only that worked in real life...

    or at least it'd be cool if we could exact rent from the insects/arachnids in our house.